Prismancers: Tears Of Acrylon

A dark fantasy police investigation.

Prismancers takes place in the city-state of Acrylonia, where a technological breakthrough has turned traditional magic into a variety of industrial mass products.

In this society torn by racial conflicts, religious castes, political intrigues and black-market magic, between gangs, police and militia, one safeguard remains: the Prismagic Brigade.

The Brigade starts investigating a case of dubious suicide in an Orange magic factory. Despite increasing tensions caused by the recent death of a key agent and his replacement, the team uncovers what seems to be a network of alchemic drugs smugglers...

But the ramifications go way further than anyone’s expectations.


  • Episodic game for Windows.
  • First person point & click adventure.
  • Six complementary investigators.
  • Relationships & team management.
  • Dark fantasy & Steampunk setting.

A little bit of music?

  • Here's a preview from the game soundtrack.
  • Ambient music with a blend of Acrylonian beats and a touch of industrial drone.


The Vixen

  • Phlebe, linked to Purple.

  • Street child turned investigator.
  • Acrobatics and stealth specialist.
  • Hobbyist necromancer.

Equally fierce, haywire and cunning, she knows the city’s underbelly like no one else... and sometimes wish she didn't.

The Archivist

  • Human, linked to Yellow.

  • Imperial War veteran.
  • Expert mechanic and scrivener.
  • The Brigade’s intendant.

Disciplined, rational and efficient, she’s sometimes a lifeline for her struggling colleagues. People often wrongly assume she's the Officer's wife.

Team 2

The Whisperer

  • Singular, linked to Green.

  • Urban shaman and wandering healer.
  • Keeper of ancient magic.
  • Master tracker.

Possibly the Brigade’s strangest member, he’s also the oldest, and knows most of its troubled history. He's a die-hard vegan.

The Warthog

  • Liminar, linked to Magenta.

  • Imperial War veteran.
  • Magically-enhanced soldier.
  • Expert bad cop.

His investigator’s skills equal his usually very foul mood. His humor is believed to be more dangerous than his muscles.

Team 3

The Orchid

  • Human, linked to Cyan.

  • Young aristocrat from the Cyan Hexagon.
  • Illusion specialist and seer.
  • Painter and novice glyphomancer.

Idealist rookie in world of seasoned agents, she’ll have to cope with reality... or pretend to. Her divination powers set her apart.

The Dandy

  • Human, linked to Orange.

  • Ex-Imperial spy.
  • Expert negociator.
  • Master of disguise.

Though very skilled and charming, he’s also reckless and cynical, and a notorious womanizer. Some of his colleagues have a hard time getting along with him.

Team 4

The Officer

  • Human, linked to Yellow.

  • Head of the Prismagic Brigade.
  • Cunning armchair detective.
  • Grey eminence with his own agenda.

The Officer is a mystery, even to his own team. The word is he's got both dangerous friends and foes, and plays a constant game with formidable hidden powers.


  • Feline, linked to nothing.

  • Monstruous cat-like creature.
  • Ridiculous high pitched voice.
  • Tries to kill people by sleeping in the way.

Xoxox is the Brigade's mascot. Nobody knows if it's a male or a female, or if it's actually a cat. Even the Warthog fears its dreadful temper.

Coming soon.

The game is currently in development.

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